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Travelling with the littuns comes with its challenges, and it only takes a few tantrums to make an already long and tiring car journey that much harder. If you’re stopping off at our family hotel Rutherford in the near future, here are a few tips to make your trip go a little smoother.

Keep Sulks At Bay

Making sure the children have access to everything they need in the backseat is essential. Of course, they’ll probably take a nap or two, but that still leaves plenty of time for boredom to creep in and I Spy can get a little dull. To avoid any unnecessary strops before you arrive at our Rutherford NSW accommodation, ensure all the kids’ devices are fully charged, and that there are enough toys and gadgets to keep everyone entertained to prevent squabbles along the way.

Save Money on Snacks

Don’t overpay for food and drinks at the motorway services. Although there is a great onsite restaurant waiting for you at our family hotel Rutherford, stocking up on drinks and snacks to take with you will cut the cost and time of your journey, although packing too many sweets is probably a bad idea (hyper sugar rushes are a real thing!)

Get Children Excited About Your Final Destination

Whether it’s a quick break exploring all the attractions close to our Maitland accommodation, a visit to friends and family or a longer holiday away, reminding the younger members of the family why you’re driving and how much fun you’re going to have once you arrive at your destination is a great way to keep them patient and enjoying their journey.

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