The Singleton Festival

The Singleton Festival is a dynamic biennial event that transforms the town into a visual, acoustic and delectable feast!

The Singleton Festival is just as much about family fun as anything else. This is an opportunity to expose young ones to all sorts of experiences from the raucous laughter of bush poetry to the artistic creations of all ages.

Singleton is home to one of the country’s oldest and richest regional art prizes. Singleton Art Prize displays more than 500 artworks from artists throughout Australia. Categories for local artists add to the Hunter flavour of the show and this is one art prize art lovers cannot miss.

Then there are all the displays from Singleton’s many arts and craftspeople, from intricate embroidery, magnificent quilts and woodwork that has to be seen to be believed.

A visit to Singleton isn’t complete without taking in the local fare. Singleton is home to many award-winning Hunter Valley Wines and some of the best restaurants the region has to offer. The Wine and Food Trail and Taste and Play Around Hermitage are both part of Singleton Festival 2015. The wineries are a fantastic place to visit any time of year but come to the Singleton Festival and this visit will be wonderfully enhanced by so many other activities your entire family will enjoy.

From hauntingly beautiful vocal ensembles to string quartets, jazz bands and buskers, Singleton Festival has it all when it comes to music. The magic of the music is perfectly matched by the exquisite choice of venue for these performances.

Sitting in the Sacred Space of the Sisters of Mercy Convent is a spiritual experience in itself but add to that the delicate sounds of Enigma Quartet and you will soon understand that the Singleton Festival 2015 will reinvigorate every essence of your sense of cultural self.

Singleton Festival will be from July 16 – 26 in various locations in Singleton.

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Image Source : Singleton Festival

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